Plays best in full screen.

This is a prototype focusing on flight and combat controls. Help the police protect freighters against relentless pirate attacks. Your ship and your allies are blue, and the pirates are red. Destroying pirates earns money, which can be spent at space stations to repair damage and upgrade your ship.


  • W - move forwards
  • S - move backwards
  • A - strafe left
  • D - strafe right
  • Left Click - fire, hold for automatic fire or to charge the laser
  • The ship will aim and shoot at the mouse cursor

New This Week

  • The mighty Quasar, a huge ship armed with turreted weapons.
  • The mine launcher has become the snare mine launcher, which slows enemy ships.
  • EMP module that strips shields and temporarily disables other ships.
  • The Autoturret module which adds all around firepower to any ship.


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Published89 days ago
AuthorCommodore Shawn
TagsSpace, Top down shooter
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer

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