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Bronze Age: Space is a total conversion mod for Bronze Age, converting a fantasy-historical city/empire builder into a space 4X. 

It is also designed to show what is possible within a Bronze Age mod. The entire mod is open source (MIT license), and can be found on Bitbucket

New World

A new world generator has been added, creating a region of space filled with planets and asteroids. This new world type has resources needed for the new races, and lacks resources needed by the vanilla Bronze Age races.

New Races


Spacefaring humans, with a variety of ships, and an economy that favors settling on both planets and asteroids, and trading between them.


Mysterious aliens that are best suited to living on asteroids. They have a strict caste system, where their best structures and units require a member of the nobility to operate.

The seekers tend to keep to themselves, but you may be forced to attack them in order to access the precious Tritium that can only be found on asteroids.

New Events

Pirates plague the spacelanes, and will occasionally demand tribute. Don't take them lightly, as their attacks will get more vicious as your settlements grow larger.

Useful Links

Issue Tracker - for upcoming features and known bugs


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Version 1.0.2

Development log


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Mod don`t work :(

What version of Bronze Age did you try it on?

How do you defeat ghauls? 

i seem to not be able to have ais because when ever i start the game for this mod i will never get a ai is this on purpose or a bug because i have deleted the mod then download it again and still no ai

I haven't had a chance to update Bronze Age: Space to be compatible with the latest version of Bronze Age yet.

Found a Bug:

I think you forgot to remove the "No Structure" Build requirement from the upgraded plasma turret, because it says I need an empty hex to upgrade.

Good catch, thanks

By the way, what kind of expansions are planned for this? I'd love more spacefaring races.

Bronze Age: Space has it's own issue tracker. https://trello.com/b/6HyAvjyk/bronze-age-space

Work on Bronze Age itself takes priority, though. Space is more of a "when I want a change of pace"

Looks Great!

Great one, but with time there is a big FPS drop, so game is not playable, like you said its probably because seekers got huge. But fighting with ships is fun, and introducing power as a resource (replacing administration points) generated by solar panels, good step.  Looking forward for new patch dealing with seeker overpopulation. 


There should be a small patch next week, with a couple bug fixes, tweaks, and compatibility with Bronze Age 2.4

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(I think I may even prefer it to the original.)

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First off, i'd like to congratulate you on this really cool mod you've managed to get together Shawn.  But i have noticed some really weird bugs such as the one in the photo.  I assume it's something to do with your modified world generator that's making this, but tile-specific improvements don't seem to understand the tiles their on.  This issue also applies to the copper mines; at least for me. 

Edit:  Come to think of it, my buildings list includes none of those in the screenshots.  Did i incorrectly download it?

Which race did you pick?

The Terrans are the new space race. The terrain in the solar system map wont work with the vanilla Bronze Age buildings.

I chose the humans.

Try the Terrans or the Seekers

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I'm getting heavy lag after my city grows too large; it's almost unplayable. 

Other than that its good (From what i have seen, anyway).


F2 will bring up the performance window. Could you screen shot it?



Seems the Seekers settlements have gotten too big. I can put a cap on their settlements which will prevent the problem from reoccurring, but that won't do anything to salvage that save, unfortunately.

There are some performance improvements coming in Bronze Age 2.4 that should help though. That will probably be next week.

That's pretty cool, you should link to it from the main bronze age page so it gets more exposure. I'm only aware of it from an email from itch.



Is wow good or bad?