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Industrial Age is a total conversion mod for Bronze Age 3.1.2, changing the game to a diselpunk setting.

It is also designed to show what is possible within a Bronze Age mod. The entire mod is open source (MIT license), and can be found on Bitbucket

New World

Industrial Age has an entirely new world type. A large continent, surrounded by ocean. New resources await discovery and exploitation.

New Factions

Commerce Unions

Descended from the ancient Humittes, the Commerce Unions are loosely affiliated city states driven by industry and trade. Limited by the resources of their homelands, they are on the cusp of a golden age of exploration and science.

Future Development

Industrial Age is, like Bronze Age 3.0, a work in progress. Many aspects of the Commerce Unions still re-use Humitte assets. In the future you can expect even more structures and units for the Commerce Union, custom leader portraits, and AI. At least one more major faction will be added as well.

Useful Links

Issue Tracker - for upcoming features and known bugs

StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorCommodore Shawn

Install instructions

  1. Download zip file
  2. Start Bronze Age, and go to the Mods menu
  3. Click Open Mod Folder and put the zip file into that folder
  4. Click Refresh List
  5. Select Industrial Age and Enable it.
  6. Click Apply


industrial-age.zip 555 kB
Version 20 Jul 31, 2021

Development log


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hey update it to latest bronze age bronse age is no longer 3.12

I thought I did update it to be roughly compatible with the  latest Bronze Age before stopping development. I'll try to find time to double check this weekend.

ok i think it works now will there be any features added? would it be possble for gun sounds

and other stuff?

I'm not planning on adding anything more to industrial age.

But the mod itself is open source, so anyone else is free to copy and modify it.

ok to bad bronse age is not really active much sense it dont get updates