Weekly Progress #36

What's New

Starting the week off I finished up the work on fixing trade and patrol AI, so you can now see AI subs travelling the world doing work like they should have all along. This adds a measure of unpredictability to patrol missions, as enemies or allies may wander into the patrol area following their own orders.

Following that I added some new equipment variations. There are now "Agile" and "Stealth" versions of most engine sizes, featuring faster turn rates and lower overall noise respectively. There are also "mk2" versions of the D8 Multicannon, D12x1, and D12x2 gun turrets featuring higher DPS through faster reload times (D8 multi, D12x1) or burst firing (D12x2).

Since then I've been mostly busy working on a new system for generating stations. This will allow for not only rapidly adding stations to the world, but for a dynamic world that can grow and respond to changing circumstances. These stations will be very similar to the existing, hand crafted stations, but with some added things like bridges connecting towers.

Patch Notes

  • Fix defensive turrets not shooting.
  • Fix stations not launching minisubs. 
  • Adding more information to target widgets.
  • Added new Mk2 variants of the D12x1, D12x2, and D8 Multicannon turrets.
  • Rebalanced all turrets.
  • Increased minisub speeds.
  • Increased DPS and cost of Avenger and Sparrow minisubs.
  • Changed seahunter and sparrow to "fighter style" combat.
  • Added new agile and stealth engine variants.
  • Add depth and speed information to mapscreen tooltips
  • Update to Godot 3.5 to try and fix weird bugs.
  • Trade AI working again
  • Fixed trade seeker not having enough cargo space to actually trade.
  • Increase notification time.
  • Fixing module vendor crash
  • Fix asymmetrical headlights of Forthright submarine.
  • Fix crash caused by divers targeting disposed submarines.
  • Fix crash caused by asking traders without a destination about their current task.
  • Fix positioning of Bastion rooms and minisub hangars.
  • Attempt to fix crash from fighter combat logic.
  • Reduce pitching of minisubs when changing depth.
  • Minisubs change depth less aggressively.
  • Fix Finch wings sticking out from forthright's hangar.

What's Next

The station generation work is nearly done, with the only remaining step is to hook it in to the loading process for the campaign. Once that's done, however, there will be additional work needed to account for it in world saving and loading. I expect this to be done within two weeks.

Past that, I'm not sure. Most likely I'll start adding Novarus subs and stations to the campaign.


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