A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

An open sea submarine sim inspired by games like Freelancer and  AquaNox / Archimedean Dynasty.

The Setting

Centuries in the future a fleet of colony ships from Earth are stranded in a distant star system, without the habitable world they expected to find. In desperation they settled on the icy moon of a gas giant. Digging into the ice they found an ocean teeming with alien life. This became their new home: Xenosea.


  • A fully explorable subsurface ocean, trapped between rocky seafloor and an icy crust.
  • 17 controllable submarine types.
  • A wide variety of weapons systems.
  • In-depth submarine customization.
  • A simulated economy and world driving AI submarines and missions.
  • Two major factions with distinct weapons and submarine designs.

In Development

  • Two more major factions.
  • Several more minor factions.
  • A dynamic event system to allow the world to grow and change.
  • NPC "wingmen"
  • Mining
  • Mysterious things in the abyssal depths.
  • Improvements to terrain variety.

Known Issue

The game sometimes crashes when starting or resuming a campaign. This issue is intermittent though, so just try again a few times and it will work.

The task list and source code available on gitlab.

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PlatformsWindows, Linux
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AuthorCommodore Shawn
Tags3D, Atmospheric, submarine


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Yo this is quite interesting, keep it up!

I'm so happy that there will be new game with submarines and its sim! I hope there will be possibility to build bases/outpost and mod support.

I'm not sure on mod support. I've never really tried it with godot, but the game itself is open source so an interested person could make a modified version.

Player bases are on my "want" list, time will tell how practical implementing them will be.

Nice concept, have only ever found relatively old games that give you this plus it could have a lot more freedom. (one exception, dont remember name)