3.1.1 Preview : Legitmacy and Provinces

3.1.1 Progress

3.1.1 is progressing nicely. The base of the Legitimacy system is in place, and will be getting some additional features. Legitimacy will also be gained and lost by capturing and losing settlements. Provinces are almost finished, with just a few remaining tweaks.

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

The response to 3.1.0 and Nookrium's video have been astounding, thank you all for playing. was released last week, with some fixes and tweaks identified since 3.1.0. I'm aware of the lag problems, and have traced them to two sources so far. One is drawing the yellow delivery path lines, and the other is the Shontu herder logic. The fixes in are

  • Fix war hero adoptions not working.
  • Fix crash on Reload/Refresh from world preview
  • Persistent notifications for the tutorial
  • Prevent Blessing of Mardo from spawning resources in inaccessible locations.

So About Those Herders

The Shontu herders are one of the main sources for lag in 3.1.0. There are major inefficiencies in how the logic is handled, which becomes crippling once the Shontu tribes have spread throughout the steppe. A fairly simple solution could cut the performance significantly, but I'm thinking that instead I should rethink herding entirely. The current system is somewhat awkwardly bolted on to army camping and supply behavior, instead of going through the normal production systems. In either case, the fix will likely be grouped into the other Shontu changes planned for 3.1.1, where they will be getting more units, items, and structures.

... And The Ghuls

The Ghuls have turned out to be an existential threat. This is by design, but not quite to the current degree. In 3.1.1 they'll be worked into the crisis system and should be more manageable.


I expect the first beta release for 3.1.1 will be out this week, with a month or so until 3.1.1 is wholly finished.

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