3.1 Update Preview

3.0 Update

3.0 received two patches this week. First fixed a couple bugs and tweaked a few things, and also completely broke the game. In I fixed the mess made by

This week also saw the release of Industrial Age, which is compatible with the full 3.0 release. Industrial Age is a mod for Bronze Age that adds a new, diesel-punk inspired faction and maps. Like  Bronze Age itself, Industrial Age is still in development. Part of the goal of Industrial Age is to serve as an example for anyone else curious about making mods for Bronze Age, and so the full source code is available on bitbucket.

3.1 Preview - Priests and Courts

The next major update for Bronze Age will focus on characters. They will go from simply being governors and generals to more dynamic, important aspects of your empire.


Currently, characters receive an automatic spouse upon reaching maturity. With 3.1 that will be replaced by two options. First, you will be able to form marriage treaties with other tribes. This will be a useful way to form lasting diplomatic ties with other tribes. The other option will be through special events. Periodically, events will occur for unmarried characters, giving them the option to marry war heroes or minor nobles from your own tribe. These spouses will become characters themselves, potentially with excellent stats, and can give additional buffs and bonuses.

Royal Court

There will be a new Royal Court system. Here you will be able to assign characters to positions as ministers and advisers, giving bonuses to various aspects of your empire. Giving characters positions in your court will also affect their skill gain.


Characters and the pops (the individual population) will now belong to a specific cult. These cults are dedicated to specific gods, or aspects of gods. Some cults can co-exist peacefully, while others will not. For example, the Humittes will have 3 core cults, one dedicated to each of their major gods. These cults will co-exist peacefully, but members of the Cult of Blind Hunger will not.

Settlements will receive bonuses based on cult membership on a percentage basis. For example, the Cult of Mardo will give a bonus to industrial output in a settlement. If 50% of the settlement belongs to the cult of Mardo, then the settlement will receive 50% of the total potential bonus. This will allow Humitte settlements to specialize, by controlling cult membership.

Pops can move between cults through the influence of temples. Each temple is consecrated to a specific cult, and will an area of influence around themselves. This influence will prompt pops to change their cult membership. Influence is also provided by the cult membership of the governor, king, and the cult membership of trade partners.

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