Stuck in a Rut

I realize that updates and releases have been a little sparse of late. Unfortunately I'm suffering from a pretty bad case of burnout.

The spark of inspiration just isn't there for me right now. I've tried playing some city builders (Surviving Mars is good, by the way) and 4X games to try and get back in the mood, but nothing's worked so far. I think I just might need to take an extended hiatus. 

4 years is a long time, the longest I've stuck with any project. I've really enjoyed working on Bronze Age, and all of the feedback and interest from others. It truly made me happy to see so many other people enjoying something that I've made, and I hope that I can get that spark back and make this game fulfil the potential that I really believe it has.

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You've made an amazing game so far but there's no shame and nothing wrong with taking a hiatus to focus on some other stuff and relieve the burnout.

Even if you don't come back to it you've still made something awesome and you should feel immensely proud.

Every time I redownload Bronze Age I lose a few days, it's a problem haha.

Best of luck whatever you do mate!

Its ok, take a break and revitalize yourself. If you find the spark for Bronze Age again, go at it when you are ready, if not then move on! Ultimately this project is meant to be a work of joy for all, developer included and if its not for you, then there is no guilt or hesitance to be had. Take a break and enjoy life.

If you need a break, take a break; we'll be here when you return. Burnout is no fun.

Just take a break and let it go for the moment. I've had my share of depression, I know how godawful it is to feel no motivation at all and all prospects seem bleak and empty. But eventually it will get better again. Take care.