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Bronze Age community

A City Builder / RTS

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Battles and Boats Update - Preview
New World Generator and Bronze The world generator is getting an overhaul. The current world generator is too random and hard to control. In some of my test wor...
2.2 - Morale Update
2.2 is here, which should add some more complexity and challenge to settlement management. You won't be able to endlessly grow settlements any more. The happine...
1 file — 2.2.0
Bronze Age in 2018
Roadmap Happy new year! A big thanks to everyone who's played Bronze Age in 2017, and a special thanks to everyone who's participated in discussions and feedbac...
2.1.1 and Morale Update Preview
2.1.1 2.1.1 is a small patch that has a fix for a crash on saving while notifications are present, a missing sprite for the Maskling Grubfarm, and a rework of t...
1 file — 2.1.1
2.1 - Conquest Update
Conquest Update 2.1 is here, with reworks to combat, Maskling AI, and quieter lumberyards. Major Features Settlements can be Abandoned: Demolish the Admin Cente...
1 file — 2.1.0
2.0.3 and Conquest Update Preview #2
2.0.3 2.0.3 has a fix for an odd edge case resulting in crashes while saving, and some adjustments to Masklingstribes. The growth of Masklingstribes is now capp...
1 file — 2.0.3
2.0.2 and Conquest Update Preview
2.0.2 2.0.2 contains several quality of life fixes, most notably visible region borders. Settlements in Bronze Age are tied to regions. There has been some conf...
1 file — 2.0.2
2.0 - New Era Update
At long last, 2.0 is here. This release might be a little rocky, as the entire game has been pretty much re-written since 1.4. Major Features This Might As Well...
1 file — 2.0.0
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