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2.5.2 - Hillfolk, Diplomacy Refinements, and Happiness Rework
Hillfolk The hillfolk are a new AI type. They are Humittes structures, just like the villages, but more aggressive and prone to raiding. They will also surround...
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2.5.1 - The Humittes
According to legend, there was once a grand city called Atlantis. The whole of humanity lived in the city, and it possessed wonders beyond comprehension. In the...
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2.5.0 - Diplomacy Update
Diplomacy Update It's been entirely too long without a release, but here we are. In hindsight my original diplomacy plans were far too ambitious. They've been s...
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Diplomacy Update - Preview 2
Work on the Diplomacy Update continues, slower than I'd like. I'm aiming for the part of the update in the next week or two. This morning I released an updated...
Diplomacy Update - Preview
The Diplomacy Update is coming along, slow but steady. Basic diplomatic discovery and dialogs are done, as is the first new AI type. I've released a beta build...
Religion in Bronze Age
The Humittes As part of the Neighbors Update (the update after the Diplomacy Update) there will be new races added to the game. Some of these races will be huma...
2.4.6 - May Content Update
May Content Update The diplomacy update wont be out for a bit, so here's something to tide you all over. The May Content update adds buildings and production ch...
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