Beta Update News: Nearing the End

It's been awhile since the last devlog, I got a little distracted...

I've more or less finalized the list of remaining features for the end of the 3.0 beta. Once those are wrapped up the beta will end, and Bronze Age 3.0 will go into general release. That's far from the end, however, as there is a lot more work to be done before I consider Bronze Age to be complete.

Final Features

In total the remaining list for the beta is:

  • 1 Epic Feature
  • 4 Major Features
  • 8 Minor Features
  • 6 Tweaks
  • 4 Bugs

You can see the full details on the "TODO For 3.0" list on the Trello Board.


My last update was all about combat, and that has been partially implemented. Currently all combat is auto-resolved, without the planned tactical combat elements. Tactical combat is still planned, but it's currently slated for 3.2. I fell that the current auto-resolve system works well enough, and that it would be better to release 3.0 sooner than wait for tactical combat.

Instead of tactical combat I've spent the time working on refining, tweaking, and reworking pretty much every other area of the game.

What Have I Been Up To?

The list of things I've done is a little overwhelming, but some highlights are:

  • Characters can gain skill from experience as rulers, governors, and generals.
  • Unhappy populations will revolt.
  • Empire size limited by the ruler's authority and governors.
  • New humitte and maskling units.
  • Completely changed recruitment system.
  • Trade settlements in diplomacy, and AI asks for settlements they want.
  • Tutorial

Release Date?

All in all, 3.0 is feeling really solid and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all. I expect that to happen sometime in January.

Thank you for your patience.

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finally version 3.0 after so long. cant whait to finally get my hands on the new update!

If you want to play Version 3, the beta has been available (Though somewhat buggy) throughout development on the discord.

i know but im waiting for the stable release of version 3 because  prefer it to be polished when i play it.


It's pretty stable


Llamas, the games future depends on adding llamas.