2.0 Progress Update #7


A little later than I'd like on the progress update, but I was trying to iron out some last issues with the new Maskling AI. Speaking of which... Maskling AI is done! Now that Masklings order their warriors around it's time for fighting. I also have a good enough understanding of the remaining work to project a release date of October 28th for 2.0, but I wouldn't be surprised if that slipped a week or two.

Maskling Behavior

Masklings will grow and build their settlements throughout the game, following the same considerations of housing and food that you have. They produce warbands just like you do as well. Their unit behavior is drastically different than in 1.4. Instead of periodic raids they now perform a couple different behaviors:

  • Guard - Roughly half of each Maskling tribe's warbands will guard their settlements, and the regions nearby. They will attack any intruder, but only within their territory.
  • Scout - Roughly a quarter of each Maskling tribe's warbands will be scouts. These warbands will travel further afield of their tribe's territory, updating the Tribe's knowledge of the area. Scouts are much less aggressive than guards, and will avoid fights when possible.
  • Bandit  - Roughly a quarter of each Maskling tribe's warbands will be bandits. If the tribe's scouts have identified a hostile settlement (such as one of yours), these bandits will come raiding. Unlike 1.4 Masklings they don't seek your destruction, but will instead carry off your items if you don't fend them off. Bandits will flee from anyone tough enough to hurt them, but may settlers or trade caravans they happen across.

Further on they will get more aggressive behaviors, and may attempt to destroy your settlements that get to close to their land, or engage in revenge attacks.

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what else is needed for 2.0?

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Check out the issue tracker linked on the main page, it has a list. Highlights include: actual combat, sound, defensive structures and upgrading structures, some worldgen stuff, and various little things.

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My tentative schedule:

  • By 10/14
    • Warband Fighting
    • Settlement Defenses
    • Music and Sound
  • By 10/21
    • Structure Upgrading
    • Worldgen Tweaks
    • Misc Tweaks and Fixes
  • By 10/28
    • Something important that I've probably forgotten

Edit: I must have been low on sleep when I wrote this, I dropped a week somewhere. Dates fixed.