2.0.3 and Conquest Update Preview #2


2.0.3 has a fix for an odd edge case resulting in crashes while saving, and some adjustments to Masklingstribes. The growth of Masklingstribes is now capped to a fixed limit of structures. In the future (Morale Update) this limit will increase as the Masklings steal enough items to upgrade their Totem, but for now it's a static limit. This limit, in combination with some script tweaks, should result in improved performance for new worlds.

Conquest Update Preview #2

Mostly AI work this week, including new raiding behavior. Masklings in 2.0 launch periodic raids only against settlements that are close to their own territory. In 2.1 Masklings will be more aggressive. They will launch 3 types of raid, picked randomly. Closer settlements, however, are more likely to get targeted by more aggressive raids.

  • Stealing - A small group of Masklings will try to steal items from the settlement.
  • Pillaging - A larger group of Masklings will try to destroy a few buildings, then leave.
  • Capturing - All of the tribe's Masklings will try to capture the settlement.

The Masklings will also be better about guarding their camps. In testing settlement capture I noticed that it was incredibly easy, due to the Masklings spending more time patrolling nearby territory than guarding their homes. That's been flipped, with only a few scouts, and many more guards.

Speaking of capturing settlements, melee infantry (Millitia, Spearmen) now have a Capture command. The Capture command orders the warband to try to capture a target settlement, destroying the Totem and replacing it with one of your own Administration Centers. The occupants become slaves, unable to leave the settlement but still able to work the land for you. Any new population growth will be humans from your own tribe, however.

The Conquest Update is on track for early December.


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Sounds exciting!

One suggestion that is probably just my personal opinion: in games like civilization I don't like that there is often too much focus on war. I like it if there is the option to either play agressively or defensively, focusing more on things like culture, economy and technology in the latter case.  In many games you have both options, but the first one is usually a much better option, which I don't like.


The next update will focus more on the economy and city building aspects, and there are future plans for trade and diplomacy with other tribes and empires. Combat will stay a focus, but balanced by other factors. You won't be able to win without some fighting, but through trade and diplomacy you'll be able to win allies among the Masklings and others.