Battles and Boats Update - Preview

New World Generator and Bronze

The world generator is getting an overhaul. The current world generator is too random and hard to control. In some of my test worlds I've ended up with metal and stone localized to only a single part of the world. The new world generator will be based around world features (islands, continents, and the sort) instead of random noise. There will also be different world types to choose from when starting a new game.

As a part of this, Tin will be added, and with that Bronze. Bronze will be used in a couple new upgrade levels, including military units and administration centers.


As you could guess from the name of the update, Boats are a major part of this update. They've long been on the roadmap, but are finally coming. There will be a couple varieties of boats, for warfare, trading, and transporting units.

New Trade Logic

The rather buggy trade logic is getting an overhaul to better match the 2.2 economy rework. Instead of trade routes specifying how much of an item to export, they will specify an item per season rate. Trade routes will also be able to specify both imports and exports. Trade wagons/ships will be smarter about picking which trade routes to service.

Battle Improvements

I'm aiming to make combat more strategic with a couple of changes.

  • Reworked battle AI that moves and controls units in groups.
  • Double vision range, but keep ranged attack range the same.
  • Add an "Attack" order.
  • Prevent units from stacking on top of each other in combat.
  • Terrain modifiers to combat (increased defense in a forest, for example).
  • Reimplement enemy sighted alerts.

Art and UI Refresh

I'm going to do a total overhaul of all of the art in the game, aiming to get proper perspective and 6 directional rotational facings  for units. In the process I'm going to try and get closer to the classic look of ancient bronze age civilizations.

I'm also going to be redoing a bunch of the UI. If any of you have suggestions in that area, I'd love to hear them.

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Soon, the filthy,  infidel,  Masklings will know my terror in the vast ocean!


The game is coming along very well, keep up the good work.

the is been no change in my game i still can only buil and setle and trade between ly setlement bus i cant use boats and the current world generator still hass the problem of the  localized ores my game has 1 time Lime stone and 7 time copper ore plz when is the fixt if its already dun plz check if it works correct there are no changes in my game delete en reinstal does not work but the game is great i wil keep playing greets from BiggBlunt420

This post is a preview of the changes coming in the next update, which is scheduled for February.

Oke thx for the info 


For the UI, just thought that with the rapidly growing list of structures, there could be some kind of hotkey bar where you can put stuff? Not sure if what's happening in the GIF is the answer to that though. Really just thought that with how extensive the build menu is, if shortcuts aren't on the list yet, they'd be a great feature.
Looking forward to 2.3 shawn!

Please could you enable messages for your mod? I have few issues about the mod I would like to tell you



Perhaps you could make the ui more like caesar 4, but I think we can live without a minimap.  Make a vertical stripe on the right side and have the top list the region name and date, below that a graphical grid of buildings, possibly tabbed between military, civic, and econ. Below that you can list the econ info for the region.

Selecting units would put unit portraits where the building list would be, possibly scaling dynamically depending on unit count. Buttons for orders and formations relevant to the units could also display here. Same with buildings, select a building and orders or information relevant to that building pop up here.

I've actually grown to like the absence of the minimap, but would like better notification of attack events. Perhaps a red arrow on the edge of the screen in the direction of the event. The zoom levels are great, I'd just like one more in each direction.

I'd like a way to select only combat units. Like, holding alt while drag selecting units ignores traders/etc. I'd also like to be able to select all units of a type on screen by double clicking one of them. Extend this to buildings. Basically like a more traditional rts like 0 ad. Waypoints and rallypoints would also be nice.

Game is coming along great man, keep up the good work! I'm very excited to finally exit the chalcolithic. :P