2.3 Update and A Potential Feature

2.3 Progress

I've been in a bit of a rut with the new artwork and the new world generator. I've shelved the new art for now, and gotten past the world generator issue, and now it's full speed ahead on boats. I'm still aiming for a February release, but 2.3 could slip until March.

Potential Feature: Exploited Regions


Thinking ahead to the Diplomacy Update (2.5) at some point Bronze Age will begin tracking and showing territory. I'd like that territory to be broad and contiguous, but not through having a settlement in every single region. Historically, nations consisted of vast swathes of rural land, dotted with settlements. Bronze Age doesn't have a way to capture sparsely inhabited land.

What I'd like territory to look like, from Stellaris


Add the concept of an exploited region. These regions would have to be adjacent to a settlement, and would be a part of that settlement's economy. An exploited region couldn't have a settlement itself, but it could have a limited number of structures. This would allow you to gather resources form areas without having to place a full settlement there, like a juicy copper ore deposit just across the region border.

Exploited regions would be mostly empty, and vulnerable. With only a limited number of structures you wont be able to heavily fortify the area.

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I think the exploited regions, in addition to the ability to build roads outside of settled territory will both help spread our kingdoms out a lot. Another thing that I'd like to see to that effect would be a change to the maskling spawn logic from the respawning maskling mod to prevent them from spawning right next to you. Maybe 2-3 regions away at the closest.


Seems very interesting.  Hope you manage to sort out boats quickly, my naval itch is starting to catch on.

Looks great, especially the new art!

Is the more 3d-look part of a whole 3d thing, or is it just the awesome graphics? Either way, keep up the good work Shawn!

It started out as a plan to be able to get complex shapes at odd angles with correct perspective (like boats). They're 3D models rendered at an isometric perspective. I'm really liking the models themselves, though, and I don't think the renders really do them justice. I may experiment with proper 3D later this spring, it depends on how much work it would be.

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Well, however that turns out, I really can't stress how awesome it looks. Come a long way from Version 1.

On a side note: For modding purposes, do I know have to make a 3d model, or a rendered image?

They're still flat images, just like before.


Also, just had an idea. Now with the hexes blending together more, could you add an option for some faint hex border lines?

That's a good idea.

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Wasn't that suggested like way back in 1.4, back when regions were first being talked about?

EDIT: yeah there was talks about it here: https://commodoreshawn.itch.io/bronze-age/devlog/5763/settlement-influence

A lot of those early conversations have been part of my thinking and rethinking of features and mechanics.