Boats Update - Preview 3

2.3 Progress

There are just a few more tweaks and playtesting left to do. I can confidently say that 2.3 will be out next Friday.

Boats, Not Just For Trading

The new trade ships in 2.3 also double as transport ships. Each ship can carry between 1 and 4 units (depending on the size). Units enter and leave transports in a typical RTS fashion, instead of automatically embarking on boats as part of their pathfinding.

Warships have also been added. These are expensive, but powerful, excelling at both ranged and melee combat. Without any AI boats to contend with (for now) they'll be mostly useful for ranged fire support.

Mod Updater

Some data file changes in 2.3 will unfortunately break compatibility with existing mods. To help with that, 2.3 will ship with an automatic upgrade tool. This tool will automatically change data files to meet the new requirements.

There may be additional upgrade work needed, especially if the mod changes biomes or replaces the vanilla data files, but the tool should ease the upgrade process for mod authors by taking care of most of the busywork.

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when u somehow spawn on a isolated island and to the east theirs more land

rly need boats rn lel


You'll have them tomorrow.

Just out of curiosity, is this new art design now the official texture pack for the game?  Are you going to continue supporting the old design or is that getting left behind, moving forward?

I don't really have the talent needed to keep up with the old art design and the new, more complex units (boats). Hence the new art design.

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Looks great (especially the mod updater, that'll be really useful)! I'm assuming that there will be port-type structures that support the boats. Just wondering - will those have an upgrade path? Like, basic warship to galleon to man-of-war, or something like that?

Keep up the good work!

The structures in the picture with the yellow arrows look like they are the ports. There is a boat pulled up on one of the ones that doesn't have an arrow on it. You can also see a buttons to deploy ships or the whole Navy in the UI.

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There are 3 levels of of trade ship, and 3 levels of warship. Like military units, higher levels require rarer materials.

The basic level just requires wood, and is a crude raft.

The next level requires copper, and gets you a small sailing ship for trade, and a small galley for a warship.

The third level requires bronze, and gets you a massive trade ship, or a powerful war galley.

The image at the top of the post shows a trade ship, a war galley, two smaller galleys, and a war raft. The structures along the coast with large dirt lots at the ports.

Thanks Shawn! Looking great.

will the caravans be fixed?

Part of 2.3 is an overhaul to trading logic. I've had them working fine in my test world. If that's what you're referring to work them being "fixed", then yes.