2.3 - Boats Update

At long last, 2.3 is here. With it comes new art, boats, tin, and bronze. 

New Features

  • New world types.
    • Continents - a water filled map, dotted with islands and small continents
    • Mesopotamia - a land filled map, crossed by rivers
  • Tin and bronze, with new upgrades for structures and  units.
  • Reworked trade logic.
  • Totally new UI, with streamlined structure placement and better tools for managing trade routes and armies.
  • Abandon structures to temporarily free-up resources for other structures.
  • Boats!
    • Trade ships for seaborne trade, and carrying settlers or warriors across the water.
    • Warships battles on the high seas and supporting amphibious assaults.
  • An auto-exploration command for units.

Migrating Old Saves

Like most releases, your old worlds can be loaded in 2.3. Migrated worlds won't have any tin, however, so you may want to just start over (and take advantage of the new world types).

Mod Changes

The structure of the data files has been changed, but 2.3 is shipping with a tool to help you upgrade (more details in last week's devlog). Mods that have overridden any of the core data files will likely need to be manually updated, as those files have changed.

There is a new, powerful, way to create dialogs as well. See "t_riots.js" for an example of the new dialog in action. The lastest version of the scripting api is now also distributed with Bronze Age itself, look for "mod_api.d.ts" in the "Scripting" folder.


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Version 2.3.0 Mar 10, 2018

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Can you program the game for apple?

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I don't see that happening, realistically.

is there some way of transporting migrants across the sea?

nvm, i figured it out with the tradeships. :)

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Previous black screen issue resolved by installing latest .net framework!

I am having the black screen issue and i dont know what the ".net framework" is , if anyone could help that would be appreciated

Google Microsoft .net and install the latest version. 

What is the next update going to be about?

I'll be putting a Dev log out about that in the next couple of days.

This game is amazing! Technology progress is so simple yet so rewarding. Of course there are some issues for example if tin is on a island without enemy, you just have simple way to win the game. Trade by boats give another way to send crucial resources or fire support with war boats, really cool feature.

 I had one issue with trade boats. When I send few of them to other settlement they went there, pick up copper, went half of the way and turn around. I needed to give them order to trade to the other settlement every time when they went by corner of continent, and only when they had back with resources. First trip is fine, return is somehow broken.   

The other problem is with fps drop. I notice that when i turn off hex grid everything is better so probably rendering every hex twice gives my computer a headache so maybe another set of tiles with hex borders on it, to choose from could give better fps.  Also does game compute something (like AI planing, pathfinding etc.) when its paused?  

I have so much fun with this game. Thanks for working on it. 

Just got back into this game since the "new era" update, and have to say i am loving it! One thing maybe you could add is like a pre-set tutorial that explains how to capture, maybe the tiers of leveling from mud bricks to limestone to copper, ect. showing how to combat and things like that? I found that alot of the mechanics goes unexplained?

Yeah, I think a tutorial is needed. There used to be one in 1.4, but I just haven't gotten around to putting it back.

you know its a good game when the depth of the mechanics need a tutorial so I dont mind waiting to be honest :)

not gonna lie, i like a lot of the graphics! except for the tree's, though. everything else looks so smooth and nice.

I'm not entirely happy with the trees either, would you prefer the old puff-ball trees?

is there a chance to play a game with unlimited administrations? For example in a mod?

The Tyrrany Mod can do that, but I don't think it's been updated for 2.3 yet.

the mod isnt updated , yet.

Can you just build one town in one region? or can you build one twon over two regions?

Right now there is only one town allowed per region, and each town can only have one region. I have some plans for towns over multiple regions, but nothing concrete yet.

Love the new update. Keep the good work up

I love the new graphics, and tin distribution adds a great driver for trade. Bronze is great and the increased admin from upgraded structures seems to be enough that I don't feel the need for the tyranny mod anymore.

Main issue I've come across is that it has gotten very unresponsive after 5 or so settlements. My inputs just don't register much of the time, which is pretty frustrating. I'm using the respawning masklings mod and wonder if that is actually the issue, as there do seem to be a ton streaming at me nearly constantly. This is on medium continents with medium hostility.

It was definitely the respawn mod. Every single region except for some islands had a maskling camp, which was causing the problems. I made a new game and have built more than a dozen interconnected cities without any trouble. For now I've made a slower version of the mod (15 years) and will just manually turn it off periodically.

That said, outside of a few minor issues, the recent update feels amazing. Great job with the new map generation, the mountains and rivers look and feel better and the tin balance has been great. Sea trade has really opened up options for expansion and the UI changes feel really good. I know there is a lot more you plan to do and I can't wait to see it. Great job!

Good job Shawn! I've gotten a stable settlement going and I just have a few questions:

1 - Did you make the Maskling camps co-ordinate their assaults? Because I have low hostility on and the red tribe is supporting like 14 warbands.

2 - What happened with exploited regions? Has this been moved down the line, or is it just infeasible?

Keep up the good work!

1 - It could be that the red masklings have conquered the other tribes.

2 - I haven't decided on them yet, but it will be a few months at the minimum, have other features I'd like to get to first


When I generate a new world in the latest version my game crashes

That's odd. Do you have any mods loaded?

Every mod is inactive

I'll look into it.

Do you need crashlog?

Please. Most of the errors are reported, but a crash log would help narrow things down.


Button's are a bit small with the city's overview, but so far it's pretty fun.

Which buttons?

The buttons for building structures.   idk, maybe it's just me and the buttons were the same the whole time, but they feel like i'm having to snipe the things every time i want to place something.