1.2 - Warfare Update

The time has come to bring the fight to the Masklings. Now, in 1.2 you can train your citizens as warriors and march out onto the field of battle. Right now you can train citizens as a melee-oriented Militia, or a ranged Skirmisher, more training types will be added in future updates.  Maskling raid AI has also been totally overhauled. It should be more fair, giving the player time to respond to initial attacks. Feedback on the Masklings would be great.

On  a controls note, the ", Prev" and ". Next" buttons switch between the active group to control. This will switch control between your settlements, warbands, and migrant bands.

Settlements now handle alerts automatically. They will adjust jobs to man towers and close gates as enemies approach, and the "Sound Alert" option is gone. Some notifications are now shown on the minimap, as are warbands (Masklings and your own), which should help with situational awareness.

Thanks for all of the great feedback so far, and I hope you enjoy 1.2!


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Version 1.2.0 Jun 14, 2017

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So i've got an army of 55 warriors and their pathing seems to have bugged out , as in they'll stay in one spot and not move whatsoever.

Are they in the middle of a street, or in a cramped area? Could be a bug with formation movement. You can order them to garrison in a settlement, that should cause them to break formation and move.

Middle of streets in a cramped area, and yes I have tried doing the regarrison

I'm afraid that could be related to a bug around warbands getting stuck while pathing. An enemy warband wants the center of its formation to be in your town, but the warriors can't actually get there. Your warband is trying to fight the enemy,  and is squaring off with where the enemy wants to be.

Unfortunately there's no fix for that yet, sorry about that.

A potential workaround would be to garrison that warband in another settlement, which would put them out of aggro range of the enemy warband's supposed position.

You should also put a way to scroll while viewing your warrior band group

The new update solved pretty much every issue I had with the game (tended to crash when queing multiple buildings) now with the added 'x' where buildings are placed it helps with building placement. Has a settlement go all the way up to around 400 villagers to test it this morning. Would it be okay if I did a short series for my YouTube channel (its only a small channel atm)

Videos are totally fine with me.

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The new update (there are now red crosses where there is already a building) makes it lag when I have a lot of buildings.

I have 300 villagers, and the game runs smooth. But whenever I now want to build a new building, it gets laggy as hell.

Also there seems to be a problem with the saving or with the reading of a saved file.
I want to start the game, but it says "Fatal Error, Bronze Age encountered a fatal error. The exception has been reported, and we will try to fix the issue as soon as possible. Check itch.io for updates, as the problem may have fixed already."

So now I can't play a saved file.

That's distressing to hear. I'm not seeing a reported exception that looks like what you describe, unfortunately. Would you mind sending me the troublesome save file in question? You'll find it in the "saves" folder where Bronze Age is installed.

It seems itch.io doesn't have a private message option, and I'm hesitant to publicly post my email, but if you have a reddit account you can PM me /u/CommodoreShawn I can give it to you there.

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I don't know what I do wrong, but with the update, the masklings do not attack me.
I've now been playing 1 hour without an attack. So I can't give feedback of the barracks :s

Not one time my game has crashed with the new update, so that is a big step :)

Some adjustments I would like to see:
-A '++' and a '--' in the tab "Work designations". Because my previous game crashed totally, I started a new one, and I can built pretty quickly now. My population is again 300+ so I have to click a lot to up my work designations.
-Without hovering above a building I want to be able to see the progress. This would be a nice feature I think.
-The exits of a building can't cover the same area. Is this a bug or a feature?

I now play the game on my laptop and I noticed the speed of the game on my laptop is significantly faster while my laptop is less powerfull than my pc. What is the cause of this?

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The Maskling AI was tweaked, and the targeting range was reduced, seems like I cut it back too far. I'll have a new build out shortly that will have that and other fixes.

Thanks for the feedback, as always.

Edit: For performance, I'm not sure. Bronze Age can use multiple cores, and it is heavily CPU bound. Currently world size is the major contributor to slowness. The world generates as it is explored, extending pretty far beyond visible range. As settlements grow, and especially as warbands or migrants move around, the world gets bigger.