2.4.4 and Diplomacy Update Preview

2.4.4 - Trade Waypoints

2.4.4 adds precalculated trade routes. These trade routes can be seen from the zoomed-out map, when the trade route tab is selected on the sidebar. Additionally, you  can set waypoints. Trade routes will path from waypoint to waypoint, going to the nearest waypoint that is closer to their destination. 

Other Features

  • Notifications whenever an enemy unit is sighted.
  • Tin consumption by Bronze Smelters has been reduced.
  • Tin production by mines has been reduced.
  • Fixed performance issues when ordering movement over a long distance.
  • New console command "DumpLog()" dumps the entire console output history to a file.

There should be no mod or save file compatibility issues.

Diplomacy Update Preview

Work on the Diplomacy Update goes on. AI tribes are discovered the first time your units or structures see one of their units or structures. On first contact AI tribes will send a message, introducing themselves, and giving you an opportunity to make a first impression. AI tribes have rulers with distinct personalities. This affects how they communicate, and how they respond to you. An aggressive ruler will respect you for acting aggressive. A pacifist ruler, though, will dislike you.

My goal is for diplomacy to play out more like a conversation, as opposed to the more traditional bartering style of diplomacy in strategy games. Through a conversation you can find out how an AI tribe feels about other tribes, and what they need. Some AI rulers will like conversation, others won't.

There will also be diplomatic incidents outside of standard diplomatic conversation. These will be things like border skirmishes, bandits hiding in the other's territory, or even usurpers from the other tribe seeking refuge. These incidents will effect diplomatic standings, and may lead to other events.


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Version 2.4.4 Apr 20, 2018

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The tin feels a lot better, I'm still having lots of issues with traders though. They'll wander off somewhere random and just go in circles or they'll walk right up to their destination and stop all in a pile having not even dropped off their deliveries. My sea routes and land routes are marked as such. The circles walking seems to be mostly an issue for cities with both land and sea trade routes. The guys that just stop in front of their destination seem to be mostly an issue for trade routes that cross multiple regions.