1.2.5 - Maskling and Immigrant Rebalance

1.2.5 has small changes to Masklings and immigrants, more significant than a simple bug-fix, but not really a new feature.

  • Immigrant waves are now capped to no more than 50% of the settlement's existing population, this should prevent early settlements from getting swarmed with immigrants they cannot handle
  • Maskling raid logic has been changed to a more straightfoward process instead of the somewhat drawn-out process of multiple scoutings and raids before an assault.

In summary, Maskling raids work like this.

  1. Scout the target settlement, a pair of Masklings will arrive, get close, then leave.
  2. Gather warbands from nearby camps, and march toward the settlement.
  3. Loiter outside the target until all of the attacking bands have assembled.
  4. Assault the settlement, trying to kill a target number of structures or citizens before retreating.

Depending on the success of the raid one of two things will happen. If the raid reached it's kill target, the next raid will have a higher kill target. If the raid was eliminated, the next raid will try to bring more masklings (assuming there are enough Masklings to bring).

Destroying a Maskling camp will reduce both the kill target, as well as the raid size.

As always, feedback on the new raids is appreciated.


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Version 1.2.5 Jun 20, 2017

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