2.4.6 - May Content Update

May Content Update

The diplomacy update wont be out for a bit, so here's something to tide you all over. The May Content update adds buildings and production chains that will give new sources of happiness and food, as well as a way to increase administration supply beyond upgrading the admin center. 


The taskmaster is a new structure that increases administration supply, at the cost of reduced happiness.


The new meat item can be cooked at a grill to produce both food and happiness. Meat can come from three different sources. Fishing docks can turn wood into meat. Butchers can turn pigs into meat. Hunting lodges can produce meat, but can only be placed in forests on hexes with the deer resource.

Unlike a brewery,  the grill produces a flat amount of happiness, and is a great way to add some extra happiness to a settlement.


Silk has a three step production chain, and is labor intensive, but produces a lot of happiness. First, a Silk Shed is built on a hex with the silkworm resource (only found in swamps), that produces raw silk. Next, a Silk Weaver turns raw silk into silk cloth. Finally, a Silk Merchant sells the silk cloth to your people, producing happiness. 

It takes 2 workers to produce a single piece of silk cloth per season, with a third worker to sell it. But that single piece of silk cloth will produce 20 happiness. Like the grill, the silk seller produces a flat amount of happiness.

Wolves and Dogs

Wolves now stalk the forests, attacking anyone they see. If you can find their dens, however, and tame them (by building a kennel on top of it), then you can get access to a very useful new item: dogs.

Dogs currently have two uses. They can be used to upgrade the hunting lodge, bringing in even more meat, or they can be trained as military units.

The wardogs unit is fast, has a high strength, and a high attack. Their defense is rather low, however.

New Overlays

There are some new overlays to help you understand how happiness and bonuses are working in your settlement. Houses with the smiling face are producing happiness equal to their housing, houses with the frowning face are not.

Additionally bonuses from structures are now displayed as well, the highest bonus effecting the structure will be shown.

Mod Compatability

Any mods that overwrite the main data files will need to be updated. Changing your mods to use data mutators (see Modifying Data Files here) will avoid this sort of incompatibility in the future.


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Sounds really cool; bet i'll have fun with this one!

I love it. I haven't had much time, but so far it's great. I really  like the new changes, they add a lot of really good balances and much needed depth. I can't wait to spend some more time with this update this weekend.