Religion in Bronze Age

The Humittes

As part of the Neighbors Update (the update after the Diplomacy Update) there will be new races added to the game. Some of these races will be human. As part of this, the current Human race will be getting an update. They will become the Humittes, an ethnic group of humans. The Humittes will be getting some unique mechanics, one of which is religion.

Humitte Gods

The Humittes worship three prinicple gods, these gods ascended from legendary heros who (according to legend) guided and protected the ancestors of the Humittes as the fled Atlantis. These gods are:

  • Enaki the Lawgiver
  • Mardo the Builder
  • Nitha the Grower

Religion Mechanics

Each Humitte settlement will be able to build a single temple. There were be three temples to choose from, each dedicated to a different god. The temple will grant a settlement wide bonus, appropriate to the god. The temples will be upgradable, with higher levels giving a higher bonus. You can still only have one temple, though.

  • Enaki's temples give a significant amount of administration.
  • Mardo's temples give a bonus to industrial output (mining, smelting, woodcutting).
  • Nitha's temples give a bonus to agricultural output.

Religion Events

There will be some events  tied to the gods. Worship is a serious matter for the Humittes, and disrespecting the gods could being on all sorts of misfortune. The gods are not kind, key require sacrifice. If the gods aren't pleased with your offering they may curse you with negative bonuses, or other negative effects. 

If your people even think the gods aren't pleased with you, you may have unrest problems. When the gods are angry, they are indiscriminate with their wrath, and the people will feat that. If they think they gods are angry at their king, they may decide the best course of action is to remove the king.

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How do i place the temple

Temples are under their own structure category. You'll need mudbrick at the minimum.

Were is it?