Diplomacy Update - Preview 2

Work on  the Diplomacy Update continues, slower than I'd like. I'm aiming for the part of the update in the next week or two. This morning I released an updated beta build (available on the community discord). The last major part to work on for this first release is foreign trade.

Upgraded Masklings

A highlight of the work I've done since the last update is the upgrades to Masklings. Their raiding behavior has been totally overhauled. As I described last time, they're now more focused on acquiring items that they need, and growing their settlements.

Here, you can see the full extent of a basic Maskling settlement. Very similar to their settlements in 2.4

When they get access to wood, however, they will start upgrading. 

They've expanded and built walls. Since this screenshot was captured they've also gained the ability to upgrade their houses.

When they get access to stone...

They grow even further. A fully grown Maskling settlement will be a formidable target. Two layers of defensive walls, and 20+ warbands garrisoned inside.

Smarter Villages

The human villages have also gotten a little bit smarter. They'll upgrade their structures properly now, putting any copper or bronze they find (or you give them) to good use.

Get Bronze Age

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Could you make the masklings be able to build lumperyards and stone mines, but only once they get the special resources you give them, so they can become self sufficient?

The Masklings not being self sufficient is central to what makes them different. If they could make those materials they wouldn't need to raid and steal. They might be a little too overpowered, even.

I more meant for it to be that once they've stolen advanced resources, they can learn to replicate them using said resources. They'll still have to steal resources to get to this point however, and it would take a long time for them to begin producing even a small amount themselves.

Hopefully trading will be added


Yep, I'm working on that right now.

wow that's an awesome maskling village!