2.5.0 - Diplomacy Update

Diplomacy Update

It's been entirely too long without a release, but here we are. In hindsight my original diplomacy plans were far too ambitious. They've been streamlined and scaled down for now. I plan to keep iterating on diplomacy, however, and at least a few more features for it are in the works.

The diplomacy system now revolves around a single "standing" value. Diplomatic deals that favor the AI will raise standing, and deals that favor yourself will lower it. Trade will also affect standing. Importing more than you export will lower standing, the converse will raise it. Over the next few weeks I'll be working on other diplomatic events which will also affect standing.

There's a lot more than diplomacy in this update, though.

Human Villages

You're not alone in the world anymore. There are now villages of humans in the world. These villages are peaceful, and keep to themselves, but they do produce warriors and towers for self defense. They'll exploit any rare resources in the area, and will trade them with you.

Maskling Overhaul

Masklings have gotten an upgrade, too. They now seek out and steal wood and limestone, using them to upgrade their settlements. Fully upgraded Maskling settlements will be formidable, with dozens of warriors and multiple layers of defenses.

Performance Improvements

A lot of effort went into performance improvements. There's more work to do, but you should see significant improvements, especially around AI.

Save File Compatibility

Save file migration is unfortunately not supported to 2.5. 

Mod Compatibility

Any mods that overwrite the main data files will need to be updated. Changing your mods to use data mutators (see Modifying Data Files here) will avoid this sort of incompatibility in the future.


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I am so thankful for the performance improvements. And glad for this update as well

Looks great so far, keep up the good work Shawn