2.5.1 - The Humittes

According to legend, there was once a grand city called Atlantis. The whole of humanity lived in the city, and it possessed wonders beyond comprehension. In their arrogance the Atlanteans thought themselves equal to the gods, and built a mighty gate through which they could enter the heavens themselves.  The gods punished Atlantis for their arrogance, utterly destroying the city. The surviving Atlanteans fled into the wilderness.

 One of the groups of refugees settled nearby. Led by three legendary heroes, they rebuilt their civilization. Over time, these refugees began calling themselves the Humittes.

Who are the Humittes?

The Humans previously in Bronze Age have been renamed to the Humittes, opening the door for future "races" that are also human. In addition to a new name, the Humittes have some new, unique, mechanics. In general, however, they'll play the same as the Humans you're used to.


One of the unique Humitte features are temples. Each Humitte settlement can support a single temple, but that temple provides a powerful bonus to the entire settlement. The temples can also be upgraded to provide an even more powerful bonus. There are three types of temples, each one dedicated to a different Humitte god, and granting a different bonus.

  • Temples to Enaki provide extra Administration.
  • Temples to Nitha provide a bonus to agriculture to the entire settlement.
  • Temples to Mardo provide a bonus to industry to the entire settlement.

The industry bonus is new, and boosts the output of mines, lumberyards, bronze smelters, and brickworks.


The other new feature of the Humittes are viziers. As settlements grow in size, they gain access to powerful advisers called viziers. These viziers can then be used to operate one of four new royal structures. Like temples, these royal structures provide a powerful bonus, but their number is only limited by the number of available viziers. A settlement gets it's first vizier at a population of 20, and the count maxes out at 4 viziers for a settlement with a population of 80.

The royal structures are:

  • Royal Grainary - provides a settlement wide agricultural bonus.
  • Royal Engineers - provides a settlement wide industry bonus.
  • Royal Scribes - provides extra administration.
  • Royal Barracks - provides elite warriors, who can be used to operate a new type of barracks.


With the Royal Barracks you can now build Light Chariots. These are powerful, fast units. Excellent for scouting and skirmishing. They are reasonably effective in close combat, but they excel at skirmishing.

Happiness Rework Mod

Included with 2.5.1 is a new built-in mod. Happiness Rework changes a lot about how happiness works in Bronze Age. Your population will be naturally content, with happiness changing based on food supply. Luxury goods have also been unified into a single item. I'd appreciate any feedback if you'd like to try it out. My current inclination is to apply the changes to the base game in an upcoming release.

Other Features

  • Trade waypoints should be working properly now.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Fix crash when using the steal command.
  • Add and remove waypoints from the settlement trade menu (you no longer have to zoom out to the map view).
  • The Declare War option in Diplomacy has been moved under a menu to prevent accidents.

Save File Compatibility

2.5.0 save files are compatible with 2.5.1

Mod Compatibility

Any mods that overwrite the main data files will need to be updated. Any mods use data mutators (see Modifying Data Files here) might need to be updated as well, as a bunch of ids that previously contained "human" now "humitte"


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i don't know how to use the Light Chariots. I build the Royal Barracks, but i cannot use the warrior elite soldiers?

The chariot barracks needs elite soldiers, wood, bronze, and pigs. It's under the military category.

Nice!  Keep up the awesome content!

Thanks for the videos, they always bring a spike of interest.


HA! YES! Pig Chariots to kill everything!