Stats and Upgrades

One of the features that will arrive  with 1.3 is structure upgrading. Towers, walls, gatehouses, lumberyards, mines, and farms will all be upgradable. These upgrades will can currently do 3 things: increase health, increase attack damage, or increase productivity. I figured now would be a good time to put out some solid numbers for those that are interested. For the most part the base numbers are identical to 1.2.5. The only major changes (for these numbers) in 1.3 are upgrades.

Upgrades can be manually triggered from Inspect mode, or you can set a settlement to automatically upgrade through the Work Settings menu (called the Work Designations menu in 1.2.5).

Defensive Structures

StructureBase HealthHealth Upgrade 1 (wood)Health Upgrade 2 (stone)Base DamageDamage Upgrade 1 (copper)

Economic Structures

StructureConsumesProducesBase TimeTools Upgrade 1 (copper)
Brickworks2 Mudbrick15 turns
Farm (normal soil)3 Wheat60 turns30 turns
Farm (fertile soil) *3 Wheat40 turns24 turns
Bakery1 Wheat1 Food10 turns
Lumberyard1 Log3 Wood15 turns8 turns
Mine (copper) *1 Copper Ore30 turns15 turns
Mine (stone) *1 Stone30 turns15 turns
Smelter *1 Copper Ore
2 Wood
1 Copper30 turns

* - New in 1.3

A Note on Time

Bronze Age is turn based. The game aims for 5 turns per second, though as the game hits performance problems this may slow down.

Each house consumes 1 Food every 300 turns (in 1.2.5 it is every 600 turns).

Each barracks consumes 1 Food every 300 turns for each warrior inside.

I'd be happy to answer any other mechanics questions. I'm aiming for the release of 1.3 by next week.


The wealth of a settlement is based on the structures, wagons, and pigs in the settlement. In 1.2.5 items also added wealth, but that has been removed in 1.3 for being too easily abused.

Each pig in a Pasture, or wagon in a Tradehouse gives 5 wealth.

Each finished structure adds wealth depending on its type:

Brickworks, Houses, and Walls provide 1 wealth each.

Bakeries, Farms, Lumberyards, Pastures, Storehouses, and Trade Depots provide 2 wealth each.

Gatehouses, Mines *, Towers and Training Grounds provide 3 wealth each.

Barracks, Smelters and Tradehouses provide 4 wealth each.

Copper Statues*  provide 20 wealth each.

* - New in 1.3

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I can't wait for this. I told ymself I wasn't gonna start playing until you updated it to 1.3 because I actually managed to get bored with it at some point. Now, there are a lot more expansion options and I can't wait to screw around with all of them and see what works and what doesn't

Can't wait for 1.3! The game will definitely get a lot more interesting. Also, how is wealth calculated?

Added new section for that.

nice sounds good :)
Upgrades will be perfect to increase the defence without building a wall of towers :D