- Better War Attacks and Tweaks

Another small update today, addressing some small issues. I've scaled down my original plans for war, down to just better attack handling. There are some performance fixes that have risen in priority.

  • The AI will now schedule attacks in war. These will be distinct from stealing raids, sending units from all of a tribe's settlements to destroy buildings or sack a settlement. AI allies will plan attacks too, and invite you to join them.
  • Bonuses are now percentages instead of flat increases.
  • Structures have been reorganized to reduce UI clutter.
  • Notifications when a humitte settlement grows to another size category.
  • Tracking and messaging around AI tribes dying.
  • New placement restrictions for structures, see the newly updated modding guide for details.
  • Support for swimming variants of all standard unit animations, see the modding guide for details.

Mod Compatability

Mods that uses bonuses will need to adjust to handle them as percentages. Results may be a little silly until you do that. For example, a +1 bonus will now be a bonus of +100%.

What's Next

Multiple Choice upgrades are partially finished. The core functionality is ready, but testing and demonstrating it isn't. As part of that feature there will be a few new chariot types, and I'm working on a new art workflow for creating them.

I'll be addressing some of the performance problems, focusing on map rendering and combat logic. Other performance pain areas will be handled in future updates.


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