1.4 - Settlement Update

1.4 is here, with an overhaul of  settlement production logic and trading logic, along with a smattering of tweaks and performance improvements.

Major Features

New Settlement Production Logic

The "Target Surplus" option is now gone. Instead settlements automatically figure out how much surplus to keep for each resource. Settlements aim to keep 150 turn's worth of production and consumption surplus for each resource. A side effect of this is that settlements will need a lot more storage space than they did previously.

New Trading Logic

Trading has gotten a massive overhaul. Instead of having to micromanage imports and exports, you now set a Export and Import limits. The Tradehouse will automatically determine exports and imports in order to keep surplus Resources at or above the limits.

For example, if you have an Import Limit of 20 for Logs, then the Tradehouse will keep importing logs until the settlement has at least 20 Logs sitting in Storehouses. Likewise and Export Limit of 20 Copper will cause the Tradehouse to export Copper until the target Settlement has at least 20 Copper in its Storehouses.

As part of this, Trade Wagon carrying capacity was doubled to 20 items.

Graphics Mod Support

Bronze Age now supports custom graphics mods. Mods can be enabled and disabled through the new Graphics Mod option in settings. An example mod is provided to serve as a template (replacing the graphics with hideous ASCII). The tilesheet guide is now distributed with Bronze Age as well, inside the Content directory.

Handcart Upgrades

Most structures can now be upgraded with Handcarts. These allow the more efficient moving of items. When a citizen is carrying items from a structure, if there is a Handcart available they can use it to carry up to 10 items at once. Each level of the Handcart upgrade makes an additional Handcart available.

Minor Features

  • Pig Breeding - A new Breeding Pen structure has been added, which can breed new Pigs as needed by your settlement. You must have at least 2 Pigs to start breeding.
  • Empty Storehouses - Storehouses now have an option in Inspect mode to disable item storage. When item storage is disabled your citizens will attempt to empty the Storehouse, moving the items elsewhere. This lets you remove Storehouses without losing the items stored within.
  • Full Screen - Bronze Age now loads in full screen mode by default, and can be toggled to windowed mode in Settings.
  • Performance improvements around entity simulation and pathing.
  • Lots of other small tweaks and fixes.



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Version 1.4.0 Jul 29, 2017

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This was an optimisation update for the most part, and good grief does it succeeds at that. The automatic surplus works wonders. No more food shortages or surplus micromanagement.

The hauling improvements are also a blessing. Things get done at an incredible pace. I can order a hundred houses and they pop up like mushrooms in the rain as one dude with a wheelbarrow full of bricks just passes by. As a result I have an incredible number of idlers. Previously they'd all be busy hauling shit left and right, now they just chill at home. Which does wonders for my tick rate. I'm pushing 1100 citizens and it's still smooth.

Pig breeding seems to be either very slow or a little buggy at the moment, I'm not seeing new piggies in my pastures.

If I may suggest, maybe put the default sprites in the tilesheet guide (instead of having it empty), so as to make it more intuitive, and tweaks easier maybe? I'd like to see if I can just change the stone walls/towers a bit, but as it stands graphical mods seem meant to be done from scratch.

You're not kidding, it's like night and day. The new trade model too, the old one is not missed. Setting up and modifying long supply lines is such a joy now that I don't have to babysit everything. I forgot a city in an old kingdom and it wound up with almost 7000 limestone....

(1 edit)

Pigs breed as they're needed, empty pastures aren't considered a "need". A tradehouse constructing wagons would be considered a need, though.

That's a good point about the tilesheet guide, I'll try to remember to do that for the next patch.

Oh. Well I guess as of now wagons and wealth are the only uses for pigs so it doesn't really matter. I know pig trading is planned, but maybe we could eat them one day? Possibly around the morale update as a luxury food.

Pig meat will probably be one of the first luxury items.