Artist Wanted

I think that it's finally time to commission some proper artwork for Bronze Age. To that end I'm now looking for an artist to work with.  This will be paid work, either a flat rate, profit sharing, or some combination of the two. I'm looking for someone to do all of the art: a mix of terrain, buildings, and people. I don't have any hard requirements, I'm open to any art style that looks good. 

To help pay for the art I plan on introducing Bronze Age: Pretty Edition. This will have the same base code as Bronze Age, but with the art assets swapped out for the commissioned art. The base version of Bronze Age will still be available for free (with my own art), Bronze Age Pretty  Edition will be available for a modest price.

If you're interested in the job, or know someone who might be, please feel free to reach out.  Keep in mind though, that this will be contract work only, not a full time position.

The best way to reach me is on discord, you can find me on the bronze age community discord, or directly at CommodoreShawn#6231.

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Ok, so...

I might be able to be some sort of artist... and i don't want to be paid if i do.

I'm more of a pixel style artist, then 3D.

Altho, what game engine do you use, i can't really make and "3d" models if that's what it requires.

I'm just seeing what i can do for a game i love.

You can make graphics mods if you want. Even though the graphics look like 3D models, they're all flat images. There is a modding guide here and helpful people at #modding-help on the community discord.

Hi! I tried to join the Bronze Age discord channel, but it said the invite was out-of-date. Is it still possible to join the channel?

Sure, try this one: