1.4.1 - Image Export and Base Graphics

1.4.1 is here, with a small feature and a tweak to image loading.

Image Export

It was nice to see some of your cities in the Post your cities topic, and I thought I could add a small feature to make sharing easier. To that end there is a new menu option from the Escape Menu: "Save World Images". It will create a full picture of each of your settlements in the current world, as well as a zoomed out image of the entire world . The save folder should open automatically in explorer, but if it doesn't all images can be found under "exports" wherever you've placed Bronze Age. Some examples are attached.

Base Graphics

As suggested in the comments for 1.4, the base graphics tilesheets are now readily accessible. Instead of putting them in with the tilesheet guide, however, they're under "Content\tiles". Instead of loading from ".xnb" files, Bronze Age now loads  the base graphics from ".png" files, which you can copy to use as a base for graphics mods.

That should about cover it, I'll be back friday with an preview of 1.5.


bronze-age-windows.zip 45 MB
Version 1.4.1 Aug 01, 2017

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Thank you! I made the quick mod I wanted thanks to that. It's not perfect, and I may tweak it before releasing it, but here's the result: Prettier Stone Towers, light grey (image 1) (image 2), and limestone grey (image 1) (image 2)

I also see there's some new things in the tilesheet... I guess that qualifies as a sneak peek :P

EDIT: I changed the top of the walls, I like it better that way. Opinions? Light grey and limestone.

Will a save-game from version 1.4 work on this version?

I transfered mine, it does work.