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Phase 2 of the Bronze Age 3.0 Beta is proceeding well, and is about 60% complete. An update yesterday added metals, smelting, tools, and some new trade options for villages. Still to come: a notification system, loyalty, structure animations, and additional world terrain.

After phase 2 is complete there will be a lull in updates as I start working on phase 3: mod support, AI and scripting.

Bronze Age: Space

Bronze Age: Space is one year old today. It was designed both as a way to test mod support and a creative playground, and I think it did but jobs pretty well. Unfortunately I don't have an update to properly celebrate it's birthday, but I do have some definite plans.

As part of phase 3, Bronze Age: Space will once again be used to test out mod support. The new version will take advantage of some of the new features in Bronze Age 3.0 to offer a dramatically differently scale.

Instead of planets just being large areas of land in space, the new cell and settlement map system will give them a distinct surface, with asteroid bases and space colonies distinct from cities and farms. I also plan to take advantage of the logistics system with trains and ships.

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before i read the text i want to know is this an april 1st joke?

No, I don't like them. I posted on April 1st because that's the day Bronze Age Space came out (as a sort of joke that actually exists)