A Change of Plans

Last week's dev log was a bit rambling and introspective, and I've been doing some thinking since then. 

A lot of my enthusisasm and energy for new features in Bronze Age is being sapped by some underlying problems that are holding back new development.  First and foremost is the granular simulation. In 1.4 every individual is simulated and each individual item is tracked individually. These small pieces being tracked are a headache for performance and optimizations. 

The performance troubles lead me to run the world simulation on a separate thread, which then introduced all manner of bugs and crashes. Those bugs and crashes lead to the introduction of a SafeWorldViewProvider, which added its own performance cost.

1.5 2.0!

The overall goal of 2.0 is to clear out underlying parts of Bronze Age that are holding back new development. It will involve a total overhaul of the game systems, and a change in simulation scale. The end result should be a lean, streamlined game ripe for adding new features. The major change will be the removing of the individual entity simulation. Bronze Age will be losing some Dwarf Fortress and gaining more Civilization.

The major change also provides some opportunities for additional technical changes, such as supporting mods beyond just graphics.

The next update will be delayed, probably into late September. I'll keep you all updated with additional details and previews as development progresses. I also plan on keeping Bronze Age 1.4 around as a separate download once 2.0 is released.

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Sounds good to me, I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us.


me too