Beta Update News: Phase 3

Work on the 3.0 Beta has progressed into the third phase: AI and Modding support.

The main focus is on re-introducing AI to the game, but a lot of reworks have slipped in as well. This work is proceeding faster than I expected, and soon work will be moving on to the fourth phase: combat.

I'm planning on shifting 3.0 out of beta and to general release as soon as I feel 3.0 meets feature parity with 2.6. The major missing features are: diplomacy, combat, and sea travel. Those will likely be added by the end of phase 4.

Until then you can join the 3.0 beta on the bronze age community discord server.

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I've come back with a new account, and i'm glad you were able to keep the game going!

I can even see people on those roads.

And the texture pack looks nice.

If you don't already have this, since i don't want to end up dealying 3.0, when you release updae after 3.0, could you consider multiple sprites for the same building?

It looks exactly the game if you understand where i am comming from.

But, only you can add it, not me, so it''s all up to you if you want to add it.

I don't "Expect" this feature at all, just thought it would be a neat edition.

Good luck with the game development!

Congrats on the update, also could we possibly see micro worlds? with really small map sizes maybe 1 or a few zones on the whole map! would be really cool