2.0 Progress Update #2


Work is starting to pick up, as more and more underlying systems are finished. Units are in the world and being simulated, and save/load should be finished tonight. Next up is settlement founding and management.

World Structure and Units

The major goal of 2.0 is to restructure the simulation to be less granular. In 1.4 each individual person and item is directly simulated. This works fine at a smaller scale, but I feel like the right niche for Bronze Age is bigger. Less Dwarf Fortress, and more Civilization. To achieve that sort of scale, the lower levels of the simulation have to be cut away.

Part of that is changing the structure of the world. Instead of tracking roughly person sized blocks of the world, Bronze Age 2.0 will track the world in hexes, with each hex being roughly equivalent to a full screen in 1.4. The simulation will mostly operate at the hex level, with things inside the hex being mostly "faked." Units are a good example of this.

The gif above, shows a unit of settlers moving through the world. The unit is moving from hex to hex, following a calculated path. The individuals within the unit though, don't do any individual pathfinding. When the unit moves from one hex to another, it calculates a destination for each individual in the new hex, and the individuals simply slide from their current position to the new one. This is much less intensive than 1.4, where each individual would calculate their own path. That sliding is an example of "faking" the simulation.

Another example of "faking", is the fact that the individual people in the unit have no mechanical effect at all. They are purely decorative, serving to give an impression of a crowd of settler, and also as a health bar (as the unit takes damage, the individuals will "die"). When fighting is re-implemented the units will fight each other directly, with the individual people within each unit acting out the results.

These sort of changes will hopefully preserve the spirit of Bronze Age, while preparing the way for mighty empires in the future.

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I enjoy the hex idea, and I think it will provide benefits for both the palyers andyou as the developer!

as long as the game plays the same. i love building cities up and then moving out to conquer more cities. i wish there was a way to actuivate assaults from the mask persians.

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I'll be honest I don't like the sound of this. Really don't. I liked Bronze Age precisely because of the detailed simulation. I like placing down the walls and the individual houses. If it changes to civ-like abstracted one-hex cities with "click that button to add walls" I'm going to go look for another game. Because you're basically making a different game. This isn't an update, it's a sequel.

It's not going full civilization. I left a lot of settlement simulation out of this update because I'm still working on it, and have nothing to show so far. But in essence:

  • Settlements will occupy one or more hexes. Each hex has 14 "subhexes"
  • The player can place a structure on each subhex, mostly the same structures that are in 1.4.
    • I'm uncertain how walls are going to work right now, I'm thinking they may be special, and placed along the 6 borders of the hex.
  • Structures will still produce and consume items, like they do in 1.4, but they won't need to be hauled from structure to structure.
    • This is the most important change, as it cuts out the overhead from having citizens moving around the city.
  • Trade between settlements will function as it does  in 1.4.

I agree that this is a substantial change to Bronze Age (hence calling it 2.0). But I think it's a necessary one.

See, my main issue with this is going from hundreds if not thousands of buildings to a couple dozens. With cities now being all the same shape with the same number of buildings -some of them probably being mandatory-, you're completely destroying decision making.

I made that thread to show off my cities because I was proud of what I made. What pride is there in placing a dozen buildings in a predetermined hexagonal shape?

Per my first bullet point, cities can expand to multiple hexes. While a small settlement will occupy a sing hex, larger settlements could occupy several, with dozens of buildings. I'll hopefully have something more concrete to show next week.

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nice to read about those changes.
This way the units will stay in a closer formation too I guess?
Was sometimes annoying when they spread over a larger area and were more difficult to control regarding blocked areas. :)

true formations are amazing.

Sounds good to me, I can't wait to build on it.