2.0 Progress Update #6


Maskling tribe generation is done. They now have a small set of structures all to themselves, with their own crude economy. Next up is giving them some brains. Unlike 1.4, Masklings will now have the same settlement management concerns that the player does, which will help inform their actions. This work may bleed over a bit into combat as well. 

So far everything seems to be on track with the rough timeline I outlined in 2.0 Update #4, and I thank all of you for your patience.


Masklings are a short, mysterious race. Aggressive and prone to violence, they lack sophisticated technology or learning. They are named for the white ceramic masks they they constantly wear. No one actually knows what a Maskling actually looks like. They wear their masks and robes constantly, and zealously guard their dead.

They live in small villages, centered around a Totem, which appears to be a giant version of their masks. This Totem is believed to be a representation of their god, and is essential to unifying the aggressive and erratic Masklings into something resembling a society. These villages consist of a few clusters of tents linked by a haphazard maze of streets, and interspersed with what appear to be farms.

Masklings make for poor neighbors. They are aggressively territorial, and will react violently to trespassers. They are also prone to raiding and stealing from their neighbors.

It is possible to trade with Masklings, though never on an equal basis. The Masklings themselves produce little of value, their "farms" are masses of wriggling worms thoroughly unappetising to outsiders. Their masks, however, are valued as decorations, and the Masklings seem willing to produce extra masks for trade. In return, the Masklings have a great demand for mudbrick, wood, metals, and all of the other resources produced in human settlements. The tricky part of trading, however, is convincing the Masklings to not just steal what they want.

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you should release a test build to keep the hype up lol

(just kiddin, you don't have to.)

Will the current version be available for download?

If you're asking if the current version (1.4) will still be available after 2.0 releases, yes it will. It will be renamed to  Bronze Age Classic, or something like that and be listed as a second download.

Is this the official art for 2.0 ?

It's what I have for now, so I guess you can call it official. It may get changed before release, it may not. In either case you'll be easily able to swap out the art with a mod.


Sounds nice!


i is going to be hard to cope with the switch to hex based maps since we are so used to square based maps lol


Worm farms? Ew! This all sounds very interesting though, looking forward to it all!

I want to make the Masklings distinct, not just "generic savage humanoid you don't feel bad about exterminating". Worm farms is an easy way to visually show that.

I'm really anxious to get 2.0 out the door, it makes me a little nervous doing all of this work without any feedback.

On the other hand, worm farms may help further the idea of "disgusting inhuman savages you don't feel bad about exterminating".

Trade though, is great. If you can interact with them in ways other than a javelin to the face, they become more than a threat to be eradicated and dismissed. Doubly so if they have unique ressources you can't get otherwise. Having different tribes with distinct behaviours/personalities as well. Simply having two camps of masklings wear different colors of clothing should be enough for the player to infer deeper differences and thus a more complex society, I think.

I'm anxious to try it out. The things you've shown us so far look great though.