1.3 - Resources Update

1.3 is here, with quality of life fixes, upgradable structures, and mining.

Major Features

  • Brand new world generator, producing more varied worlds to explore.
  • Copper ore and limestone now generate in the world, and can be mined to upgrade structures and train powerful new warriors.
  • Fertile soil generates along rivers, and gives a bonus to farm production.
  • Some structures can be upgraded for more health, damage, or productivity.
  • Fast forward buttons.
  • Structures are now constructed in order, instead of spreading materials out over all construction projects at once.
  • Streamlined control of multiple settlements and groups.
  • Improvements to simulation and rendering performance.

Other Notes

  • Warbands no longer have to be ordered to "Leave" a settlement before they are controllable. Just order them to move.
  • Weather was originally planned for 1.3. It had to be removed during performance optimization, as it was having a drastic effect on frame rates. I'll be revisiting it in the future, however. 
  • Many of the stats listed in the previous devlog have been changed, a forum post with updated numbers is in the works.

Existing saves should upgrade to 1.3 without issue, but I recommend starting a new world anyway. Old worlds won't get benefit of the new world generator, and as such wont have the new resources (copper ore, limestone, and fertile soil).


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Version 1.3.0 Jul 06, 2017

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I've been trying the 1.3 version for a few hours, and i loved it!

First the generation of the map is great, it's just nice to stumble upon new things just by making a warband run around!

The new resources are very good and actually encourage the player to make new settlements and organize trade between each of them to get those stones and ores as you may not find the perfect spot right at the start! (tbh i didn't even try to do it in the previous build as i didn't see any interest to do so :v)

The construction queue works fine and is welcome!

I didn't get to try the upgrades but i will and imo it's a good idea to make the buildings in the settlements evolve to keep up with demographic growth and the threat of masklings getting higher over time!

Great work man! :)

PS: where could i make suggestion for future builds of the game? :)

Glad you're enjoying it.

Feel free to put any suggestions here, or create a topic for them.

Loving the new world generation!