2.6 - Multiple Upgrade Choices

Multiple Choice Upgrades

The big feature for this release is multiple choice upgrades. Structures can now offer more than one potential upgrade, with the player able to choose from then when they upgrade.

There is only one structure using this feature right now, the war wagon barracks. There are two new types of chariot: the war wagon and the heavy chariot. War wagons are lower level chariots, slightly faster and slightly tougher than an archer, but only requiring copper. They can be upgraded to either a heavy chariot, or a light chariot. The heavy chariot is a melee powerhouse, while the light chariot is more of a skirmisher.

Rendering Performance Improvements

As detailed in a previous dev log, they are being released in 2.6.

Bakery Description Fixed

The bakery erroneously stated that it could support 10 population, while in reality it could only support 5. The text has been updated.

Temporary Administration

It's possible for a settlement to end up with negative administration (usually though taskmasters and low happiness), which would cause severe problems in a settlement and was difficult to recover from. In 2.6 when a settlement reaches negative administration a buff will be applied. This buff will bring the settlement's administration up to 0, and apply a negative bonus to agriculture and industry. This should penalize the settlement, while giving you a chance to recover.

C# API...

I finished the C# API last week, to disappointing results. The end result was actually a significant degradation in performance. As a result, that work has been put on hold. I will reexamine the problem in the future, but for now I'm going to try and push out smaller feature updates and incremental improvements.

Mod and Save Compatibility

Save files will automatically upgrade, and you can build the new chariot types in upgraded worlds.

Mods will need to be updated for compatibility with 2.6. The biggest changes are in support of the new rendering modes, and there is a new attribute on structure_data and race, please see the modding guide for adding structures and adding races.


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It does not work, i cannot press "Start" After generating my world, and making my tribe.

I cannot start the game, sorry, i don't know how to fix this issue.

If the start button isn't enabled, then it sounds like there might not be any starting location options. Try generating another world.

I did that several times.

Yes, I hope the lag issue is fixed tho, i'll tell you more, I'll be right back!

(If i don't message you on this again, it means there is no lag or i am REALLY happy with the game)


update excitement